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The history of domain names

Domain names play a key role on the Internet, as their function is to translate IP addresses from numerical series into something easy to remember. It’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t used, but domain names weren’t the norm until the 1980s. As part of Internet month, we want to go through the history of these key elements of our daily lives.

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History of the Internet in Guatemala

Technology has advanced rapidly, and a clear example of this is the country’s digital transformation. Although Internet penetration in Guatemala remains relatively low, with only 30% of the population having access to this resource, much has changed since the first connection to the Internet. In commemoration of International Internet Day, we want to share with you some key moments in the history of how Guatemala connected with the world.

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Copies of Internet root servers will be installed in Guatemala

Guatemala was selected at the end of 2020 by + RAÍCES Program, of LACNIC (Latin America and the Caribbean Internet Address Registry), to install a copy of one of the thirteen Internet Domain name root servers.  A root server is a fundamental part of the Internet infrastructure that makes it easy to use, acting as the backbone of online access. Keep reading and find out more about the process and benefits of this decision! 

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