The name of your domain is a key element when making a website because it can influence the positioning of your website in search engine results, which is known as SEO. Keep reading to learn more!

SEO and its importance

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is about improving the website and the content to appear higher in search results. This positioning is determined by an algorithm that considers two factors: relevance and authority.

When we say relevance, we refer to the usefulness of the web page or entry, compared to the search that has been executed. As for authority, it is about how popular the website is. It is for this factor that Google’s algorithm is defined as “democratic”. The popularity of a website depends on the number of visits and the time users spend on it.

There are two ways to carry out SEO: on-site and off-site. The on-site is the work done within the website: content, keywords, URL, and loading speed, among other things. These actions are dedicated to improving the relevance of the web, and it is much better to do them from the beginning. For example, if you want to create a virtual business store, try adding a blog and checking the loading speed before launching it. The off-site is the one that cares about the authority, so it is done outside the web. It aims to increase the popularity of the site with actions such as presence on social media.

It is essential to work on SEO since it provides quality organic traffic. By improving the position in search engines, the chances of new users visiting and learning about your website are increased.

Relationship between a domain name and SEO

When working on SEO positioning, a technical review of the site’s content must be carried out to enhance the use of those keywords that represent the web. This also includes the domain. The domain name is valuable in the aspect of authority that we mentioned earlier, and it mainly influences the CTR.

The CTR (Click-Through Rate) is the number of clicks a link obtains in relation to the number of impressions. Impressions are the number of times an ad, post, or entry is rendered in a search engine. The domain is often crucial at this point. When searching, users have to choose which result from entering. This is where the domain becomes relevant: it shows some brand identity, and it has to give a clue about what the theme of the site is that it is going to enter.

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