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Cybersecurity for companys

Today, implementing security measures for your digital business is not an option. Every day, there are more people connected to the network. Attackers take advantage of this situation to steal data, for example, in 2021 cyberattacks were detected in more than 70% of Latin American companies. For this reason, many companies have increased their efforts in security. Continue reading

Basic Guide on Parental Controls

Internet users are getting younger and younger: 7 years has been established as the average age of starting Internet use (Unicef,2017). For this reason, protecting their children in this environment is a growing concern for parents.One of the forms that have gained importance is parental controls in its different formats. These tools support and accompany parents’ efforts to educate their children about digital citizenship.

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How to protect our privacy in social networks?

By definition, a social network is an Internet application that allows you to create content and share it with other users. It’s  this community aspect that makes them so popular, but it is also what can put our privacy at risk. It is important to note that maintaining security and privacy on social networks is essential. It is a way to protect our computers, but also to prevent our personal information from being leaked online.

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