Personalized emails give a professional touch to your company and are very easy to configure with a .gt Domain Name. We have previously explained how to create a personalized email in Gmail, but today we will talk about another of the most important messaging servers: Outlook.

One of the advantages of Outlook is that you can get a personalized email if you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription. You also get the benefits of this service, access to Office 365, Teams, and One Drive.

Like Gmail, getting your personalized email with Outlook guarantees that the interface of your new email will be familiar, as it is basically the same as a personal account.

As for the price and how to sign up, Microsoft offers a 30-day trial period, after which you can choose between 3 plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. These plans only allow you to generate one account per subscription.

If you already have one of these plans, here we explain the step-by-step process for generating your email account: 

1. The first thing you need to do is to have a domain name registered at GoDaddy.

2. Enter the Microsoft 365 administration center and then select configuration.

3. Choose “Manage” and then “Add Domain”.

4. This is where you enter the domain name you have registered with GoDaddy.

5. In another browser tab open your GoDaddy session, go to authorize.

6. Select add DNS records for me and click next.

7. Finally, choose your domain services, such as enterprise Skype verification or mobile management for Office 365.

You can also obtain a custom email account from your Microsoft 365 Family subscription, all registered users with your account can get an email with the same domain.