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Basic Guide on Parental Controls

Internet users are getting younger and younger: 7 years has been established as the average age of starting Internet use (Unicef,2017). For this reason, protecting their children in this environment is a growing concern for parents.One of the forms that have gained importance is parental controls in its different formats. These tools support and accompany parents’ efforts to educate their children about digital citizenship.

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The new Data Science Lab of the UVG

In March 2021, the Board of Directors of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), authorized the creation of the Data Science Lab, as a unit within the Center for Studies in Applied Informatics (CEIA in Spanish). One of the goals of this new unit is to collect, store and preserve as much data as possible, generated in Guatemala. With this information, an open data repository will be created; which means that the data will be available without restrictions, with the condition of citing the source and sharing.

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History of the Internet in Guatemala

Technology has advanced rapidly, and a clear example of this is the country’s digital transformation. Although Internet penetration in Guatemala remains relatively low, with only 30% of the population having access to this resource, much has changed since the first connection to the Internet. In commemoration of International Internet Day, we want to share with you some key moments in the history of how Guatemala connected with the world.

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How to protect our privacy in social networks?

By definition, a social network is an Internet application that allows you to create content and share it with other users. It’s  this community aspect that makes them so popular, but it is also what can put our privacy at risk. It is important to note that maintaining security and privacy on social networks is essential. It is a way to protect our computers, but also to prevent our personal information from being leaked online.

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A Software Tool for the Study of Epilepsy

Epilepsy, sometimes known as seizure disorder, is a brain disorder that affects individuals of all ages. Although it can be seen as a rare disease, there are an estimated 50 million people affected by epilepsy worldwide. In developing countries, such as Guatemala, the diagnosis and treatment of this disease is difficult, due to cultural and socioeconomic factors. Furthermore, the study of epilepsy is limited to a small percentage of neurologists.

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