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Internet Governance

Internet governance is a set of principles, norms, rules, decision-making processes, and activities. At the 2005 Information Society Summit in Tunis, the following definition was agreed upon: “It is the development and application by governments, the private sector, and civil society, in their respective roles, of principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and common programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet.” Continue reading

Cybersecurity for companys

Today, implementing security measures for your digital business is not an option. Every day, there are more people connected to the network. Attackers take advantage of this situation to steal data, for example, in 2021 cyberattacks were detected in more than 70% of Latin American companies. For this reason, many companies have increased their efforts in security. Continue reading

The history of domain names

Domain names play a key role on the Internet, as their function is to translate IP addresses from numerical series into something easy to remember. It’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t used, but domain names weren’t the norm until the 1980s. As part of Internet month, we want to go through the history of these key elements of our daily lives.

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